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askcyborgcobaltflash asked:

I remember that post about your icon, but i got a question and i hope i dont sound rude, but why is it like that before you come out? What if someone found out from your tumblr?

I’m very open on tumblr, everyone knows I’m gay on here. I keep it separate from my real life, as everyone else probably does xD

I’d hate for someone to find out through this blog though. It’s a lot of gay to take in at once. I have my own plan of telling my friends and family. This is not part of it. Even after I come out lmao.


Still unfinished though, and needs a lot of cleaning, but this is how I envisioned the sketch I made earlier. I also made a few fixes with the horizon and stuff comparing to the sketch.

I’m liking the lighting, though I’m still going to take some time analyzing the picture before finishing it. Anyways, off to do something else for the moment.

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